Ben B. Iowa


clowns are not funny

To the Future President

My name is Ben Boender and I go to Oskaloosa Christian school. I am 12 years old. I live in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

I want to discuss the killer clown incident. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's about clowns going around and killing and kidnapping little kids and grown ups. I've read in other letters to you that people have been stabbed, cut, shot, and murdered. It's time to stop this clowning around because it's getting worse.

This matters to me because I don't want people to die and I'm sure you don't want people to die ether. At first people thought it was funny but now it's not. Not when people die. There's lots of stories with bad results. I don't want to see more people die.

Why you should care is because people are dying. More clown sightings are popping up. Its getting out of hand and fast. Plus I've heard that people are actually joining the clowns. This isn't a matter that you can just wipe it off your shoulder. Live is to small as it is. Why make it even smaller.

I know you have power. That's why I'm writing the letter. I have an idea. My idea is to get rid of them. How? By banning clown outfits and sending investigations to the sightings. I know That banning clown outfits is going to be, well, almost impossible But I think you can do it.

This affects me as a Christian because I think God has a plan for us. All of us. Even you. The 6th commandment says β€œThou shalt not murder.” All clowns should be put in jail. All of them. They have murdered or joined a group that murders.

It's time to stop. Stop this clowning around because it just got serious. It's not funny. It was never funny. It's never funny to lose a loved one. We have to do something. Just something.


Ben Boender