Rachel B. Iowa

Changing Gun Laws

America needs guns for protection.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President:

My name is Rachel Boender. I am a student at a Christian school. I currently live in Iowa.

I am writing to you to talk about gun control. Gun control should be stopped! Guns can’t be taken away; that's what my family protects ourselves. Some people (I am not going to say any names) want to take our guns (protection) away.

I am writing to you to talk about gun laws. I think that guns should not be taken away from families. How do you think they will protect themselves? My family owns guns and uses them for protection and hunting. I know that some people shouldn’t have guns. But, the people who use them the properly should be able to own them.

I think that you should care about gun control. Pretend that you just saved a loved one with a gun. You didn’t kill the person who was trying to attack your loved one, you just hurt him/her enough to keep them away. If you didn’t have that gun, the loved one would have died. You need to take this with concern.

You can stop some of the people from taking our protection away. You should follow the Second Amendment. Make our country true again. You can protect our country from ISIS, with the guns we own, who is trying to kill our country. Please, protect our country.

From a Christian perspective I think that God gave us the minds to make guns to protect ourselves with them. Nehemiah 4:17b-18 says that weapons (guns in our time) were kept close to hand. Even in the Bible they kept their weapons (guns) close to them. God would not have made weapons if He didn’t want to use them for protection. God has give us the ability to protect ourselves.

If we believe and God is on our side, then we will win! I hope you consider my request.

God Bless,

Rachel Boender