Tristan M. Iowa


Attacks on the U.S.

Dear Mr. President, 

I would like to discuss the recent increase in terrorism. I believe that we need to increase measures to try to catch terrorists off guard or at least try to think of what their next plan is and beat them before they get to it. We can put an end to all of the innocent deaths that have happened. I believe that we need to protect our people because a lot of Americans have been getting killed live on camera, and I think it's ridiculous that we stand there and let them send us videos of our people being killed. We need to do more to stop attacks towards us or at least fight back. I believe our military needs to focus on ISIS and other terror groups, because we need to protect our families. I'm passionate about this topic because people we know and care about are dying.

I really want to know why they are attacking us and what do they want from us. Are they angry about something that happened a long time ago? Can't they at least tell us what they want, instead of bullying other countries. We have worked issues out with other countries through diplomacy, so why can't we do this now? I believe terrorist groups carry out attacks only to get attention. They want publicity and want people to fear them.

In conclusion, I believe that terror attacks need to end.  We need to prevent future attacks like those in Paris, at the Olympics, on airplanes, and even online. We need end these attacks so more people don't die. Others will join our efforts in preventing terror attacks. If we don't do something now, terrorism will never end.


Tristan M.   

North Fayette Valley High School

TigerHawks Speak Out

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