Kyle C. Iowa

2nd Amendment

Rising gun control concerns

Dear President,

                   With the rising concerns about gun control I would like to present my opinion to you. First off I will give you a little background on myself. I have been shooting guns since I was in 1st grade or so. In my 8th grade year I began competitive trapshooting. I am now a senior in high school and have had a lot of success including state and national team titles and state individual titles. I have put a lot of time and effort into my sport just like any other athlete in a high school sport and I would be very upset if my sport got taken away from me. With my success in trap shooting I have been recruited to shoot in college on scholarship. Not only is my sport a fun hobby but now it will assist me in helping pay for continued education.

                  Now that you know a little about me you will know that I am familiar with guns, how they work, and what they should be used for. Guns alone can do nothing, the problem is the people. Now the first and easiest solution for a politician is to outlaw guns. Then there will be no guns to kill people right? Wrong if a criminal wants a gun they will get a gun outlawed or not. When gun laws are increased it only hurts one group of people, the law abiding citizen. On the other hand since criminals will get their guns no matter what lets promote conceal and carry permits. If guns are promoted to law abiding American citizens and more citizens obtain their conceal and carry permits this will work in a way of deterrence. If more people have guns a criminal is less likely to pull a gun  out on somebody because they will have everybody else in the room pointing a gun right back at them.

                   In conclusion I would like to recommend to the new president of the United States that we should push a different stance in gun control. I would recommend that we promote more people to carry guns. I would recommend that we get away from "guns kill". I would recommend that we would inform the people that guns are not bad if used properly, and that we should not be scared when we see somebody carrying a gun on their hip. Instead we should feel safe when we notice somebody carrying a gun because we know if a criminal were to pull a gun this person would protect us. With this stance change I believe that we would start to see a decrease in gun related crimes. I also believe this stance change is very essential in the united states to maintain the safety of the people.