Tate Iowa

Letter about illegal immigration

I wrote about a plan for illegal immigrants and what to do with them

Immigration is a serious problem in America. I am afraid the wall would only help so much, considering 40% of illegal immigrants come by plane.

I think the people who have illegally immigrated should be investigated separately. If they worked their way into our American society, and have tried to become another fellow American citizen; whether it is buying a house, or paying taxes, or getting a job, maybe even start a family, if they do that, I believe they should get their chance at being an American citizen.

But on the other hand those who would take the chance they were given in our country and used it break our laws carelessly should be deported, and show that we do not tolerate people coming to our country and breaking our laws.

I reiterate those who are hard working and follow our laws should be able to earn their citizenship,but those who come to break laws and do what they want should be deported.