Isaac B. Pennsylvania

Gun Control

Guns are bad. Get rid of guns.

Dear Next President,

During your time in office, I think it is of paramount importance that you make major reforms to the gun control laws. The United States should enact background checks, making it harder to acquire a gun with a high capacity magazine, and keep better records on guns being bought and sold in the United States . Every year in the United States there are 33,000 gun deaths, the second most common non-disease cause only behind car crashes. In the past seventeen years, the United States has had 51 mass shootings in which more than four people were killed; the next largest number of mass shootings was three in Germany. Even if these two countries had the same population, America would still have nearly four times more shootings. I believe this is completely unacceptable. To limit gun violence, background checks must be enacted so that people with violent crimes on their record or mental health issues can not purchase firearms. I also think it is important to to limit the capacity of magazines sold to civilians so that many rounds can’t be discharged in a short period of time. Furthermore, I also think that automatic weapons should not be sold to civilians because there is no plausible claim to support someone needing to have an automatic weapon. I also think weapons need to be tracked much more effectively so that we can get a more accurate account of how many weapons are in the United States. This is an issue of extreme importance to me and many others.


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