Christian C. Iowa

Concealed Carry Rights

The right to conceal carry a firearm has become a huge epidemic in the United States recently.

My name is Christian Cook and I am a sophomore at Coon Rapids Bayard High School. I noticed that the right to conceal carry firearms has become a huge argument in the United States recently and I would like to state my opinion.

The right to conceal carry a firearm, commonly a compact pistol, should be open to any citizen in the United States under certain circumstances. People who would like to carry a pistol on them LEGALLY have to pass a background check and go through a training class. I am a strong supporter in the right for American citizens to conceal carry for their protection, their family and friends protection, and for any public business or restaurants protection. If an unlawfully armed citizen walked into a business place and attempted to rob them or someone nearby using the firearm as a force, the lawfully armed man or woman could then stop the robber or thief by letting them know they too have a firearm of choice. If the unlawful citizen decides to use force against him or her and try to shoot, the law abiding citizen can use the concealed firearm to protect him or herself and any others nearby.

I would like the president to allow law abiding citizens that pass a background check and complete a training class with no complications to conceal carry a firearm for theirs and their families safety. Fifty-six percent of Americans believe the United States would be safer if more people conceal carried a firearm after undergoing training and a background check, according to a 2015 Gallup Poll. Twenty-seven percent said they believed anyone without a criminal record should have a concealed carry permit.

Allowing law abiding citizens that mean no harm to your community or the beautiful United States of America to conceal carry can help keep America clean from thieves. You pick, let there be more violence and rape victims, or you can help put an end to it by voting for concealed carry to be legal.