Trenton Iowa

Taxes in America

Taxes are a big problem in America. The more taxes raise, the more Americans struggle to pay.

Dear President,

          Taxes have always been in America since the start, and to most Americans a problem. Ever since The Great Depression taxes have grown in size, and in different ways. You may pay them without even knowing it, like going to the grocery store and finding the item that said three dollars, but you pay three dollars and twenty five cents. How does that work?

          I never thought about how they would get all that money through cents, but it turns out they don’t. You pay it in bills. You pay most if not all of the taxes in bills. When you pay bills on electricity, water and even the land, it goes to you state and state gives it to the government.

          When you pay taxes to the government they either go toward your state or for the government in Washington D.C. Let’s say that it goes to the state, and they will either use your money for roads, major cities, jails and more state related matters. What does the government do with your money? They use it for the military, or other things that are more political.

         There are three politically correct terms for how much money you have, low income, middle and upper class. They make the middle class pay for the low income, which leaves the upper class with lots of money if foreign banks pay no taxes what so ever. How do they get away with that? We may not know, but the taxes have always affected the middle class and will continue, unless something happens the hard working middle class is pay it all.

          I really think America is a great country, but if it does not change, it won’t be great any more. Even though I can’t change the way taxes work, you can, and I hope that you do what is best for our country.

                                                                                                                      Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                      Trenton