lily c. Pennsylvania


Immigrants take our jobs, taxes, and resources

Dear Future President,

Immigration draws much attention in the news and in public debates. So many people have different views on the subject. Some believe that it gives the United States a great deal of cultural diversity, while others believe they are just a burden. The citizens of our country should be our first priority. The government should not be worrying about supplying immigrants with things like jobs and healthcare. The current number of homeless citizens in the United States is 1.56 million ( Year after year the number of homeless people are increasing and instead of looking for a solution, the government is giving potential jobs to illegal immigrants. In 2016 the number of homeless people increased 2.1% nationally from 2013 ( The citizens of our country should come first. Instead immigrants are taking our jobs, government money, and our resources.

As the homeless rate continues to increase, entrepreneurs are still giving jobs to immigrants over citizens. In the eyes of an entrepreneur hiring immigrants over citizens makes for a better investment because they work for 8% lesser wages ( However, in our overall economy it continues to leave our people homeless and in debt. Immigrants are continuing to take the places of what should be available to our citizens. Taking Americans jobs play a huge role because jobs are what provide people with money for things like clothes, houses, and food. The people of our country, in the big picture should be provided with job opportunities over any illegal immigrant.

Much of our government money is being given to the illegal immigrants in our country. This money can be used for better uses that support the people of the United States instead. Taxes are what help pays for things like welfare where working people are supplying money to those who are not working. According to The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 21% of the United States gross domestic product is put towards welfare ( Some of the people using welfare are continuing to take advantage of this and use it as an opportunity not to work. Taxpayers are using their money to support immigrants who are not official citizens rather than helping their fellow citizens.

The United States is continuing to give resources to immigrants to help them start a new life rather than giving those resources to Americans to help build their lives. Immigrants are taking up potential living spaces and those who cannot afford it are living in homeless shelters. 9% of homeless people are veterans ( Homeless shelters are filling up with immigrants over people who have fought to keep our country safe. The people of the United States, especially the ones who have battled for us deserve even something that seems as little as a roof over their head.

As a whole, the United States need to get their priorities together by building up lives for the American citizen over immigrants from other countries. If you do not address this issue homelessness will continue to increase and people will continue to take advantage of welfare and the resources that should be supplied to the citizen. The people of our country, in the big picture should be provided with job opportunities over any illegal immigrant.


Lillian C.

Lower Dauphin High School

Mrs. Morgret's 9th grade Honors English students

Periods 4 and 5/6 from Lower Dauphin High School

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