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Immigration Makes the U.S. Stronger

A letter about the benefits that immigrants bring to America coming from other countries. No matter where they come from but where they arrive.

Dear President Of The United States

My name is Jose and I am from El Salvador. I'm in 12th grade in Brooklyn, NY.

One of the important issues that I want to talk about is immigration. I think the problems connected to this issue are about immigrants. It means undocumented people, those who come into this country without permission or guarantee of living here. Many people die every day coming to the United States trying to escape from gangs, poverty, poor economy, no jobs, prices going up. People who left their land and family just to find the American Dream.

There are many ways that the future President could do something to stop this most of the hardest situation. That is destroying many people's life by trying to have a better life and help their family, become better in their future to help and teach their children. The President should help people to stay in the U.S. Many are children who come alone, by the way, looking for a better life. We never come just because we want to be here. Everybody who immigrated to the U.S., as me and millions of people coming by the way, we all know how immigrants risk their lives just to seek a better future in our family. We get out of our countries only because of the misery that we are living. People risk their lives looking for the chance to change. We all have a goal or dream: Find a better job, we all come and try to restore our lives and leave all the alms and suffering in our native country. Kids and adults, women and girls, no matter the skin color or where we come from, I meet people by the way and, we all know the risk that we are taking by crossing borders, watching people die, gangs taking away our stuff, money, food. We only tried to help each other by sharing our food, water, clothes, to get here and persevere in our lives. However, unfortunately, a lot of them died looking for the American Dream.

I personally had to take the Bestia that is called the “Train Of Death” in Mexico. A lot of people died trying to escape Immigration Patrol and trying to get up the train, coming illegally and crossing borders. We just come looking for better opportunities for jobs, to make money to change our lives and help our families who are suffering from gangs, poverty, bad economy and no jobs in our countries. We only want to escape the poverty in our countries. We as immigrants just come to fuel the economy here, that is, we help the country and the country helps us. There are millions of kids who risk their lives every day looking for freedom, better schools, education. They cannot go to schools in their countries because of the gangs. 

Gangs force them to join in their territory, which is a big group of criminals. They kill anybody for no reason. Even the police in El Salvador can’t stop this gang called MS 13, and it’s all over the world. But well what bad luck for us as immigrants. I do not know what’s the matter if we are different than others. We escape and come along with much sadness, people depressed trying to find a job El Salvador the country where I was born, where I grew up. It is not a historical country because we only live in sorrows. it is a very poor country where people do not know. Problems that doesn't cure with anything, some people are lucky, and they find help to go to school, others because their mothers or family members are here in the United States. But we never come to be sent back like animals or be treated as anything else. We know that everybody is equal no matter, skin color, the way how you look, we all should have the same rights.

I really want to the future President to read my letter and put his/her hand on the chest. If you could do something to help immigrants who truly want and need help to be here in the U.S. Help their children and change their lives, to become better in the future, children with more education. But the government does not know about this, they just take us to jail and treat us as a dog when giving us deportation. Why they are like that, we only are here for a better education? Right now there are more deportations than happy kids, people who only are seeking the American Dream. The president should stop deportations and the separation of families because I heard families separated and parents sent back to Mexico having to leave their children here, which is very hard for me to hear. As a president you should do the right thing, that is to offer immigrants to stay here or to make a reform and give a fresh start to all this awful situation.

Give undocumented immigrants the chance to stay and work openly and give us freedom from the fear of deportation because we only want the President to keep our dreams alive. Also, we would love if the President do something to fight against those people who don’t allow immigrants to come into the U.S. They are called militias, and are gangs, groups of people who abuse immigrants, take all their stuff away, and report them to Immigration Patrol. All immigrants who get caught by those people are taking the risk to die or be sent back to their countries after they have suffered so much, without food, no water, no clothes, with no place to go except getting here. I say it is unfair and very awful what is happening with us as immigrants.




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Brooklyn International High School

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Brooklyn International High School, in New York City, is a public school for recent immigrants to the U.S.

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