Alex Z. Pennsylvania

Race Based College Admissions

Using race in college admissions should be stopped.

Dear President,

I think that using race in college admissions should be stopped. Colleges that use race during admissions generally favor black and Hispanic people and discriminate against Asian people. Many people say that this is used in order to give people from disadvantaged backgrounds more opportunities.

I believe that this is does not help our country at all. Under current affirmative action, an Asian student who is superior to a student of another race could be declined from a university while the other student is accepted simply due to his or her race. This is very discriminatory against people of certain races, because their races are a hindrance to their own success! It is also rewarding to the wrong people, because many unqualified people get into college due to their race, while many qualified people do not get in for the same reason. This is true in the case of Abigail Fisher, who was qualified for the University of Texas at Austin but was allegedly declined due to affirmative action.

Additionally, this means that race is a factor in determining a person’s aptitude in life, although the country was founded on a basis of equal opportunity for people of all races. Colleges giving advantages to people of certain races simply implies that colleges and the United States government do not want to uphold the wishes of this country’s founders.

This is also very racist, because it implies that they think people of those races have less potential in life than people of other races. I do understand that races colleges give advantages to are often discriminated against in later life. However, it would be a much better solution to battle against discrimination of certain races, as many people in the country are already doing. Implanting affirmative action simply gives superficial benefits to people of discriminated races and does not solve the root issue, racial discrimination. Asians are also discriminated against in later life; for example, in certain jobs such as American movie actors, Asians are almost never hired to play as the main actors.

Racial bias in college admissions gives help to the wrong people, leads to even more discrimination, increases racial tension, and hurts minorities. The consequences of this greatly outweigh the sparse amount of advantages. Removing this from our country will greatly increase race equality in it.


Alex Z.