Angela Iowa


Ser un inmigrante no es nada fácil, las cosas no son como parecen. estando en tu país todo se escucha fácil, pero en el transcurso del tiempo te das cuenta que eres una persona mas de america, pero como cada inmigrante aprendemos a ignorar eso, y tratar de hacer lo que en nuestro país no podemos construir un futuro para nuestra familia, ser inmigrante es significado separación porque al emigrar a este país dejamos muchas cosas como la familia que es lo más valioso. We are just seeds passing by. Seeds that want to be planted to survive. Once we do and start to grow. The only thing you do is hope for us to keep passing by. We are just seeds trying to survive. Once we start to grow so high. Everyone looks and starts to point. Look! What a beautiful, sensitive, and stabled tree. But once they see you take there space. They’ll grab their hatchet and cut you down. Every cut hurts the same. From not good enough, you're taking my space, this isn't your place, go back to your place. Everyone sees a tree growing high, stronger and taking up space. But nobody sees a seed just trying to survive. You see a girl who is not from your country a girl that society says doesn’t belong You see a girl who is easy to judge because of the color of her skin and the different languages she speaks A girl who has to hide every day of the week You see a girl who is scared and all alone, because she doesn’t know where to go, she doesn’t have a home a girl who comes to this country looking for that place Because it is not safe for her to stay in her birthplace But you accuse her of these terrible things that are an outcome of her culture strings this is not her but it doesn’t stop there when will it stop? it needs to stop because I see a girl who is my best friend I see a girl with ambition for a better life a girl who is there for me, putting me before herself a girl who has been there for me more than anyone of my color ever has I see a girl who is so kind and loving And beautiful living in a country that is not fair to her a world where everyone is supposed to be equal and yet she is not A country that says, yes! You can do anything! but while you're trying to grasp all the ideas and thoughts of living your american dream they rip it out of your hands before you can say this is what I can do for america they take it away with a blink of an eye and what are you left with? how do you move on from there? how do you move on from the biggest lie of your life? we have to make idea of the american dream come back we have to make it attainable again. we have to make America Great Again