Carter E. Michigan

Dear President

Dear sir, In order to have a stable country you need to control the immigration. Future president, you need to stop the immigration, there are bad people are coming into our country and killing people and hurting families. If people are born in the United States they’re legal people, if they're not born in the U.S they’re illegal and need to go back to their own country.

Some people want to build a wall and help stop immigration and make there be a visa system. The wall might not be a bad idea so the U.S. would know who's in their Country. The future president should hire more ice(Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is an American federal law enforcement agency under the United States Department of Homeland Security) cops and security at the wall so there will be no “break ins” at the wall. They should hire more cops in New Mexico and the other states that are on the border of Mexico.

Therefore, if the “wall” was going to be built the Mexicans would pay for it. We would collect the money as the Mexicans enter the country and exit the country. If there was a wall would people be able to get in a boat and cruise around the wall, and could people fly from mexico and land somewhere in the United States, are even more people get killed that defend the wall?

Do you think that everyone who wants to enter the United state has right to? NO, that's how terrorism will start. groups they will come and try to take over Family's and murder innocent people like terrorism. if we help stop immigration it might trend to other countries and no more people get killed and everyone lives a happy life.if we build a wall will other people build a wall and that will help stop immigration.

Overall, immigration needs to stop. We need to do something about it and it just may be a wall and more cops and when other countries see us doing this they might stop immigration also.

Carter Eckelbarger From Ithaca MI.

Ithaca Junior High School

Social Studies 8 - 4th Hour

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