Trey R. Pennsylvania

Sport Athletes and their Bad Behaviors

The US President needs to be a role model and needs to speak out on other role models' bad behaviors, such as the behaviors of athletes.

Dear Next President,

Hello, I am a 8th grader, who is interested in becoming a professional athlete. Athletes play an important role in the lives of children. For example, Colin Kaepernick refused to stand up during the National Anthem. He could have showed a little respect even if he was against it. Children are always watching the behavior of athletes. They repeat the behavior, even if they don’t understand why they are doing it. Before you know it, kids won’t stand up for the Pledge or the National Anthem. I wonder why? The first time an athlete makes a mistake in his or her conduct, there should be a warning. Athletes should be fined the second time it happens.Professional athletes are role models and heroes for kids, and I think it’s time they should be consequences in place that hold them accountable for their actions.

Athletes should be penalized for their bad behavior. Their bad behavior sends the wrong message to children. For example, during the NBA Finals, Lebron James stepped on Draymond Green, and Green reacted to it and got suspended. Lebron gets away with bad sportsmanship, and Green was fined and suspended. They both should have been penalized, for I was taught that your character is more important than your skill.

Blake Griffin was suspended four games without pay on Tuesday for punching a staff member. The Los Angeles Clippers will dock the star forward's pay for an additional game because he broke his shooting hand.

You, the Next President could encourage the NBA/NFL/MLB to give more fines. Players need to act like role models because kids are looking up to them and following their every move. It’s okay to get mad, but it’s not okay to react off of your emotions. With your help, we can try to stop this.

Sincerely, Trey R.