Yeshi California

College Tuition

College Tuitions are too high for the low-income students.

Dear Future President,

I am a senior who's planning to go a four-year college. The issue that matters to me is the cost of tuition being so high. Also, I have a sister who'll be transferring to a college this fall, which sets a concern to my family. Since we'll be both going to college, It causes more stress to my parents, who can not think to afford it without getting a loan. In addition, these past years colleges and university's tuitions have been increasing which sets the burden onto low-income students. To get us and many other students out from stress, the future president should make tuition free. Making the college fees free to every student would be an ideal thing, especially if your family doesn't earn so much. I believe that not only it would benefit individual student but it also helps the entire nation.