jennifer California

education important too

funding education rather then prisons

Dear Ms. Clinton

     My older brother has been accepted to go his dream college but sadly he can not attend his dream college because coming from a family with low income, surviving from paycheck to paycheck , it's also so hard. It would be impossible to send him away with money when we are barely getting through these hard time. Now it been two years, he attends csun and even when he had worked so hard in high school doing what he supposed to have bright future but can not go because of money problems. In my opinion that not fair.

     Over the summer I have done some research on how much the government spends on prisons. Overall the us spend 100,000 dollars every year per prisoner. Now if you were to check on college board University of California: Santa Barbara the average student’s financial aid you can receive is 25, 326 while a prisoner will get 100,000 every year just for doing crimes in this world. Majority of these students did not go out do so much crime to be sent to jail but worked their butts off to get to where they want to be. There are 2.3 million of people locked away in jails. If you do the math two hundred thirty billion of dollars were wasted on prisons but what about education. The government spends more money putting people in jail rather than investing on young adults and sending them to college, who plan on working in the economic.

In 2007 Juvenile facilities there were 86,927 and 785,556 local jails. There is 1,518,559 Federal and state prisons and in total that is 2,418,352 and this was last know it 2008 those numbers are much more bigger now today. So many people have done terrible things but those who haven't yet or do not plan to need this opportunity much more than people sitting in front of bars. No one has made the decisions for them but those who hard need a chance.

The most common UCC’s such as UCLA ,Berkeley, UC Davis and uc Riverside an average student will receive a loan of 25,000 they will have to pay it back with interest. While when a prisoner is resealed from from jail he will have to pay small fine compare to the financial aid. Students usually spend 4, 6 or more years in school and will have to pay to back while a prisoner will pay a small fine. With investing to those who want to go college benefits and the economic and him or her because they can a have a brighter future which creates more ,and more money. Those who spend 10 maybe 20 years in jail probably spend a much smaller fine compare to the financial aid money.

The cost of tuition and fee in public and private colleges all over the college have risen over the last couple of years. Now it's harder to get into college then it was 10 years ago. More money should be put into education because it benefits themselves but as well the world. Education is the future. please do not let the future slowly die out. 

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