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Aid to Foreign Countries

Many countries and millions of people are suffering while the US does nothing to help...

Dear Future President,

It has come to my attention in the past year that the United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world yet do little to aid other places in the world struggling to support their populations. You would think that with all this money it would be easy to share with other places in need fairly easily. However, the US has proven themselves to be very stingy and acts like all these surrounding, struggling nations don’t exist. Under the next president, the United States needs to begin aiding other countries who need their help.

In Zimbabwe, did you know that in 2013 the government had only (the equivalent to) 217 US dollars in its bank account (via ? How are they supposed to govern a country when they have no money? Today, although Zimbabwe has somewhat recovered economically, they are still one of the most malnourished places in the world. 17.3% of Zimbabwean children receive the minimum recommended acceptable diet for adequate nutrition (via the Ministry of Health and Child Care). Also, 76% of rural households live on less than $1.25 per day, which combined with the outrageous food prices, is one of the reasons people don’t get enough food (via Zimbabwe Vulnerability Assessment Committee Report). Clearly, this country is in need of aid from a larger power.

Why should we help Zimbabwe? Why is it even relevant? Zimbabwe is home to a population of 14.15 million people. This may not seem like a staggering number but it actually ranks 70th out of the disputable 194 countries in the world. The life expectancy of a citizen of Zimbabwe is approximately 58 years of age. Compare that to the US where the life expectancy of a person is approximately 79 years of age (via World Bank). Just because these people live halfway across the world doesn’t mean that they deserve a shorter life than people that live in the US.

Even if we do send money or supplies to Zimbabwe, what makes you think it will automatically become a better place? Well, one of the main factors to Zimbabwe’s failing society has been poor leadership. Although the US doesn’t exactly have the best reputation in selecting leaders for other countries, if the next president can find someone who is perfect for the job of president of Zimbabwe instead of having corrupt elections, then maybe it will be the perfect kickstart to a new era for Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe isn’t the only country that has significant economic and poverty issues. Places like Niger, DR Congo, Malawi and the Central African Republic are struggling just as bad, if not worse than Zimbabwe. And it isn’t just Africa that houses these miserable places. Places like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Haiti, and Venezuela are in desperate need of help too (via Forbes).

The nine prior listed countries are just few of many countries that need help while the US just sits back and watches like nothing is happening. I challenge you, Mr./Mrs. President, to change this. Do something incredible and help the millions and millions of struggling humans that need your help. Shock the nation. Shock the world.





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Avondale High School

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