Caitlin S. Michigan


Once a women knows she is pregnant she should not be able to get an abortion after that point because it is killing a baby.

Dear Next President,

My name is Caitlin, and I am a junior at Avondale High School in Michigan. I am concerned about the rising and controversial issues on abortion. Abortion is a complex concern in the United States today, but we as a country need to consider the life of a baby and how valuable it is. You only have one chance to live and being able to take that away from someone is not moral. The problem is people do not understand that adoption is an easy option while giving the parents a way out if they have an issue with taking care of the baby. I believe once a women knows she is pregnant she should not be able to get an abortion after that point.

There are some instances when abortion is needed. In the article, “You Can’t Be Truly Feminist If You Don’t Want Women to Control Their Own Bodies”, by Rebecca Griffin, Griffin argues that, “Pregnancy can take a huge physical and psychological toll on women, especially if the pregnancy is unwanted.” (Griffin). She is right about how pregnancy can take a toll on a women physically and financially but that has no adequate reason for killing the baby. Taking care of a baby does cost a lot of money, but people are not being forced to to have children. If a girl is in college and she becomes pregnant, then she most likely does not have the time or money for a child. Just because she does not have enough time or money does not mean the baby should die. Everyone knows what they are getting into, and they are in control of the situation, so why make a baby then kill it? This brings me to the point about rape. When you get raped and become pregnant, you should be allowed to have an abortion as long as it is early on in the pregnancy. Women can’t control or stop from getting raped and if they end up getting pregnant, then they should not have to have the baby if it could not be controlled.

Abortion should be illegal because it is murder to take away a life. In 1973, the case Roe vs Wade, a law was established which said that you women get an abortion before the third trimester or if it is a high risk pregnancy. There has been several changes in the opinions of America in the years since then which should result in changing the law. In the article, “Is Abortion a Human Right?” by Susan Milligan, Milligan argues, “The abortion wars in America are typically cast as a battle between choice and life, with one side arguing that a woman's decision about her own body is paramount, and the other, that a developing baby's life trumps all” (Milligan). Milligan presents both sides in the article, but in the end the life is a baby trumps all circumstances. Killing someone is illegal and just because the baby is still in the womb does not mean it is not human. The baby did not do anything wrong, so why kill it? It should not be the parents’ decision if their child should live or not. Once two people make a life they should not be able to take it back take it back.

Let's look at another example of why abortion is wrong. Is it really right to have the opportunity to kill a human being and it being legal? The answer is no. Adoption is one simple way to avoid abortion and people overlook it a lot. I was adopted at birth, and from my experiences, the child could have a family, friends, and a life just from being adopted. My birth mother had the opportunity for an abortion, but she saved my life instead. Parents should not have the opportunity to take the life of their child. For whatever reason my birth parents did not want me or could not take care of me, and they decided to give me life rather than taking it. My birth mother gave my mother a child and me a life because she decided not to take my life through an abortion All women don’t have the mentality of my birth mother; they would rather kill their child than give birth. The right to kill your baby should not be legal. I could be dead right now, but my mother had the sense to not get an abortion. My experience demonstrates how valuable life is and why it should not be taken away when there is a simple solution.

President, I am asking you to try and change the court decision of Roe vs Wade to save lives just like mine. These babies being killed could be the next president or the doctor that finds the cure to cancer. Many people may believe that it should be a mothers’ choice to give birth or that a baby is not alive until it comes out of the womb, but it is important to realize that the death of someone can not be taken back and giving up a baby is far greater than killing it.


Caitlin S

Avondale High School

AP Lang

Rick Kreinbring's 2016-17 AP Language and Composition students

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