College Tuition

College Tuition should be higher on the President's agenda and needs to be lowered if the President would like to see the youth of our nation succeed.

Dear Next President,

I am a Senior, I am starting to look at colleges that I want to attend once I graduate, but unfortunately, the tuition for most of the colleges is unaffordable. How do you expect me to go to college if it is too much? In today’s world, education is important, especially for our future. Do you want my generation to succeed in the future? Do you want us to fail? College tuition should be lowered so that we can afford to receive a quality education without living the rest of our lives in severe and crippling debt.

According to the National College Board, the average tuition for in-state students for four-year colleges is $9,410. For out-of-state students attending for four-year colleges, it is $14,483. Tuition has increased in the past four years, making students go into severe debt. Also, according to the National College Board, the average published tuition and fees in the public four-year sector rose by 2.8%, 2.9%, and 2.9% in 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16. Tuition rates shouldn’t be increasing each year; they should be decreasing. If you were to lower tuition, then the rates would decrease, and it will make it easier for students to get the education they need. Also, research suggests that lowering tuition would "ensure that the dream of a college education be a reality for more Americans in the days ahead.” Most people in America look forward to going to college.

As the president, college may not be the first thing on your mind. The majority of the issues discussed regard terrorism, gun control, and taxes. While these issues are very important, college tuition should also be a concern. As Bernie Sanders says, “Everyone deserves to be able to go to college.”

If you are the president of the United States, your job is to try and get rid of or improve the problems facing our country. As a high school student, I would appreciate to see a drastic change in tuition for college students. I, along with other high school students, would appreciate seeing education being a number one priority to you. As you are about to enter the Oval Office, do not just think about the majority issues happening in our world, but also think about the smaller issues too. I hope one day we see a change in the country for us students to be able to afford college. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read this. Thank you!