Emily M., Harley N., & Madison N. Oklahoma

Help Make College Tuition Reasonable

Currently 40 million Americans are living with college debt, making them unable to make other life purchases.

Dear Future President,

As you are running our country for the next several years, We advise you to look into working toward making college with a more reasonable tuition. This will greatly decrease the percentage of people in college debt. Currently, there are about 40 million Americans facing this problem. This large amount of debt can restrict people from being able to buy a car or house. This is because debt is very hard to pay off, and most of the time people can be in college debt for their whole life. You still have to live right? You have to buy groceries and pay taxes. Most people end up having to get loans to buy a house or car, making there be more and more debt being stacked up.

There are many people that could do something amazing and can be really beneficial to America, but they are unable to afford the education they need to do so. One thing we suggest is to determine tuition by the amount of income a family makes. This can allow unfortunate people to get the education they want and deserve.

Even financially fortunate families can be in major debt. Debt is what we are trying to avoid. Even if these families can afford a normal tuition, it will not help to pay off debt any quicker. For these people, we suggest just simply lowering the tuition. This may not seem like a lot, but it can help a ton.

Thank you for taking the time to listen. We truly do appreciate it. We hope that you think about our suggestions and put them into action.


Emily M., Harley N., & Madison N. 

Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen SAS 8th Grade English

Students from Ms. Sutton's 8th grade English classes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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