cesilee Idaho

College Tuition

College tuition needs to be lowered to a reasonable price for people who can barely afford it.

College tuition is free in some states but, not all. I'm not saying that tuition should be free but, it should be reduced to a reasonable price for some students who can't afford it even with grants. I understand that tuition has its reasons for being so expensive but if colleges use tuition to pay for things than it should be fair that they make exceptions to reduce the cost. So I really think that you should consider reducing the cost for some students who can't afford to go to school as opposed to students not going because they don't have enough money for it. Scholarships are always a good way to get money but, not all schools provide their students with the right amount of information. If teachers and guidance counselors actually did their job more students would know about all the available scholarships instead of finding out on their own when it's already too late. I agree with college costing a few thousand dollars but, I do not agree with it being six-thousand dollars for just one semester. Some students can't even finish school for the specific degree they are trying to receive because they run out of money and can't go on. Or they just become poor and homeless because they are drowning in debt by student loans. Some students,, whether they're right out of high school or their 40 years old, they still need help. I know lowering tuition isn't number one on your to do list but, it would help millions of students tremendously. If tuition was lowered then tons more students would be able to go to school to fulfill the future they want for themselves. I certainly think that would be the case for me. Just make lowering college tuition a priority when you become president, it's something that would definitely change everyone's lives dramatically.