Christina W. Louisiana

Why is Racial equality and inequality so major right now?

Racial equality and inequality is getting out of hand, and needs to be addressed.

Dear Future President,

According to CNN, the shootings of officers across the U.S., in 2016, has almost equaled the number of fatalities in 2015 which stands at 41 deaths. These deaths, however, were not because the officers tried to stop the culprit, but just because they were officers. With the shootings and the “All Black Lives Matter” movement, people are being blinded by the past and race so much that they forget about the future. The last time the U.S. fought about race, an all out war broke out. If this continues, history may repeat itself. This is why, as our next president, I think you should address the problem of racial equality and inequality more thoroughly.

To begin, when you enter office, you should address the problem of racial equality and inequality because between the months of January and August, a total of 38 offices have been shot. As mentioned before, some were shot just for being officers. For example, in Virginia, a woman, Ashley Guindon was shot the first day on the job. According to CNN, the woman was “On the first day on the job with Prince William County Police, Guindon, 28 was shot and killed.” The fact that she was shot just for being an officer is shown here since she had just begun her job and most likely had not upset anyone. Additionally, you need to address these racial conflicts because people have become extremely hateful and become angry easily way too much. As PR newswire said, “ People in this day and age will find a reason, any reason to single out something as hate… Police shootings… There are many where the race role has been reversed, but we didn’t hear about those all over the media.” This is very true, especially about hate. Some people make huge fuss over anything, and find small details like race to ‘prove’ their point on being angry.

Finally, as the new president, it is your responsibility to address the racial controversy because 58% of officers have been shot. Adding to the 38 officers that have been shot, the number of deaths have increased by 58%, which is way ahead of last year at 24 officers being shot. CNN also reported, “ The killing of Tennessee police officer Thursday brought the number of U.S. Law enforcement officers shot to death this year to 38 - well ahead of last year’s place.. Representing 58% increase over 24 deaths from 2015.” With all these deaths, it is clear that the racial dissension between blacks and whites is growing rapidly, and if not addressed soon can become catastrophic. As police officers continue to shoot unarmed black men, more blacks will become angry and retaliate.

In conclusion, the U.S. will be in your hands, and as our next president, it will be your responsibility to address the problem of race. You will be our mind, and we will be the body; this means that if the body falls, then so will the mind. As long as the mind guides the body in the right direction, then both will be strong. Problems the body may find, the mind must help to figure it out. So, as the mind, you must protect and guide the body in the right direction, and not to destruction.


Christina W. 

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

Gifted English Grades 6&7

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