M.L. Louisiana

Vocational Training

My letter is about why we should have vocational training in high schools.

Dear Next President,

I hope that you can effectively lead this country and make it reach its full potential. In order to do that we need to properly prepare youth to fill the jobs that are becoming available to them. There are too many high school students who go to college and drop out and then have no college education or any vocational skills needed to get a job. I propose that we teach all high school students work force skills to prevent college dropouts from having no source of income.

Vocational training should be provided in high schools because we have too many young people going into the workforce and have no idea what to do and can’t get a job immediately after high school. According to a video by PBS on vocational training a student at Southeastern Vocational High School in Massachusetts got a job weeks after he graduated high school. The student got a job as a steel fabricator and is making 14.26 dollars an hour. The student learned his skills from Southeastern Vocational High School.

The opposition of vocational training in high school says that it's deciding a child's fate before they graduate high school but there is a way to stop this. At Southeastern Vocational High School they put the students in each of the classes to see which one they like. You can model a selection program similar to Southeastern’s but students can also decide not take any vocational classes. Plus students can learn very useful skills from vocational classes like how to use tools, how to change tires, and how to cook.

In conclusion vocational training seems almost essential to the future success of a blue collar worker. It would seem as if it would be common sense to have skilled and experienced people working jobs they know how to do. So please make this an option to high schoolers. I hope you can live up to your expectations as president and fulfill all the promises you have made.

Sincerely, M.L.