manny k. Louisiana

gun rights

this is a letter about gun rights

Dear Next President:

My name is Manny Gauge K. I’m 15 year old boy and I want to write you about gun control. I think it’s a stupid idea because like Hillary would want her body guards to have a gun.

One reason is that guns are here to protect us. An example is somebody breaking in to your house holding you at gun point you going to need to have a glock. If you are on a hit list and criminals have guns.

Another reason to have guns is because people could be poor and they need deer meat and other animals to produce for their families so they don’t go hungry.

An additional reason would be that if ISIS came over and is taking over, people would need to shoot them back and knock them back to where they’re from.

In conclusion, it would be horrible to take away guns from the people. Also, it would take away one of our amendments.  


Manny K.