Nicholas J. Ohio

What if you had no guns when you were in serious danger?

Guns; let us keep them. Let us protect ourselves. Let us represent the second amendment. Environment; let us keep the animals. Let us keep the trees. Let us keep the outdoors clean like our ancestors had them. Energy; let us use environmentally safe energy.

Dear Next President:

How would you feel if all of a sudden a new creature that you have never seen before came into your area, destroyed your home, hunted and killed most of your species? This is what animals in forests feel every day and as the number of forests being taken down increases, the number of animals that used to inhabit the forests greatly disintegrated as the humans hunt. Deforestation also increases the pollutants in order for the labor of the machines that chop down the trees. The machines made pollutants, which makes the earth a mad house. But because of deforestation, nothing can purify the air, leaving the pollutants in the air, and I believe that the least that you could do about this situation is to stop cutting down as many trees as we already do in this country.

Imagine that you are in your house all alone, sleeping, and all of a sudden you hear a very loud crash. It takes you a second, but you realize your house is being broken into, then you get out of your bed and your go to your dresser, with a small fingerprint safe on top. You open it up, and there is a gun in there, and you feel much better. Here is another scenario. You are in your family room, watching the Walking Dead late Sunday night as you hear footsteps upstairs. You quietly but quickly run to your safe in your basement and you grab a baseball bat. Now, if you were in those scenarios, which one would you rather be in? Probably the scenario with a gun in your hands, yet recent gun laws has forbidden this, which is ridiculous. Yes, shootings have happened recently and they are terrible but that only happens once in awhile, while people go to the range and have fun every single day. Also, I understand destroying the habitat by hunting and things along this line but still, don’t take our guns away from us.

I’m just going to go straight into the point. We really should stop using non-environmental friendly energy, or at least limit it. We are first of all using too much energy, which needs to stop. Deforestation is a big problem, which uses energy that harms the environment which should be changed as soon as possible. Second of all, we need to use better environmental-friendly energy. Instead of using natural recourses that take millions of years to form, we could use energy such as solar, hydro, or wind. This is also very abundant and easy to access, unlike other forms of energy.


Nicholas, an American History student

Hudson Middle School

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