HannahW New Mexico

Abortion Rights

Dear future president, there are many issues that need to addressed, and I believe one main issue that needs to be dealt with first is abortion.

My name is Hannah, and I live in Albuquerque , New Mexico.  I am a sophomore in high school.  I believe if a woman wants to have an abortion it is her choice. The government should not control this very difficult choice. According to abortion very well.com they did a study on why women get an abortion: 73% say they can't afford a baby, 74% say a baby would dramatically change their life, 48% are having relationship problems, 38% say it would interfere with education and/or work. If abortion becomes illegal  it can mess up more than one thing in a person life.

The constitution says a women has a right to determine whether or not to bear a child. So, for those agreeing that abortion should be illegal they are disagreeing with the constitution that all helps keep the law in order. Most believe that killing a baby is wrong no matter what, but some mothers do this  so their child doesn't grow up in a bad environment. What about the women who get forced into pregnancy through rape, unprotected sex, or an accident? They  give the kids up to adoption making some feel like a mistake being born and try to find their parents.

Thank you future president for reading and listening to my opinion on abortion. You are our next nation's voice, so hopefully, you help choose what you believe is the best to make our nation stay strong. Also, thank you for your service to our nation.


Hannah W.