Isabel S. California


Pollution is killing us.

Dear Future President,

 You were elected because you have been a good enough fit to run our country. There are so many problems with our country but a main problem that will hurt us in the long run would be with pollution. There are many types of pollution such as air, water and soil pollution. Half of all the water pollution is caused by sewage and waste water. The cause of air pollution would be the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gases and gasoline to produce electricity and power our vehicles. The soil is being contaminated by the presences of xenobiotic chemicals (foreign chemicals found within an organism that is not normally produced or expected to be in there) also caused by industrial activity and disposal of waste. 

 All the different types of pollution are what cause global warming and make it harder to live and maintain our environment. There are some factories in my area that are located next to government housing facilities and it is a unfortunate that the people have to live there and breath in those toxins that can causes health problems. With the soil being contaminated it will be growing plants and crops a lot harder. These are problems that have to be meet because in the long run there won't be a healthy environment and health problems will increase. As our new president, this should be on a list of things that should have been improved by the time your term is over.