Marin Hanna Missouri

Gender Equality

Gender Equality is different everywhere, and different to everyone.

Gender equality has been a worldwide issue ever since humans have been alive, in early times the men were normally out fighting or hunting, and women were caring for the kids and house. Our goal as a country is for all people to be equal, not matter what gender you identify with. Genders have been separated from each other because of social norms and cultural beliefs. Through the time periods, genders have been seen in different ways in different societies or countries. As time passes on, people have started to become more accepting, and there is less pressure to be seen a certain way then there was when our older family members were our age. 

The makeup brand COVERGIRL has been one of the big supporters of gender equality. COVERGIRL has put an ad up with  James Charles, a man, instead of a women as most makeup brands do for ads. In our everyday life we see ads, so this helps with giving genders a voice. Although they are not the first brand to do this, it has been given publicity in the media all over the world. These types of ads are important because of the culture we are becoming, therefore we are becoming closer and closer to being equal .

Over the years, people have dedicated their lives to gender equality. In the modern Renaissance time period, there was a group of supporters know as "Muskets". Muskets would form protests, and do anything to show that the genders should be equal. These people supported equal rights for all genders in Europe. Then in the 1920โ€™s, women fought to have the right to vote and succeeded in their goal. Gender equality is being more and more empowered as we move through time and to make it as powerful as it could be, I think we should give all of the genders a voice. If we listen to what others have to say and what they have to prove, equality is not that far away. 

People have been identifying themselves in a way that wasn't excepted years before, society is starting to realize that there isn't just one gender that can do this and that. โ€œI have never felt oppressed because of my gender in this age in time. Artist Patti Smith said, โ€œwhen I'm writing or making art, I am not a gender. I am an artist.โ€ This quote represents the passion felt by a person, and not a gender. Whether if you identify with a gender or not, should be represented in society as a human being.