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The Amazing Creation That Did Not Breathe

Some women go through an abortion either because they do not have their own life together, or they do not have the money to support that child or their self.

 Dear Next President, 

   I am a ninth grader who has taken an interest on talking about why abortion is not okay and why we should make it illegal, this letter explains it all.

   Some children have no fathers because the father did not want to be apart of the child's life. That can cause a woman to go through depression and do things before even thinking about it, like abortion. Women do not only have abortions just because the father left, they also have abortions because some are either not ready for a child or, they probably do not have their own life together & thought, “How am I supposed to to take care of this baby if i can’t even take care of myself?." This problem is on them, there is no excuse to kill an innocent human being. Those people should have had safe sex if they weren’t prepared to have a baby. No, we can’t control what people decide to do with their lives but we can try & make this a crime. While I was doing research on abortion I remember looking at this one website ( & according to the research that they’ve done they found out that after abortion women go through this thing called “Post Abortion Stress Syndrome” (P.A.S.S). That illness can really mess that person up and can cause the woman to do or think something awful, like committing suicide. Some people disagree and are all for abortion because they think it’s the right thing to do if that person isn’t ready to have a child. What they do not think about is what might happen to that woman after having an abortion. They could go through severe depression. If that person wasn’t ready to take care of a child why is he/she having sex in the first place? Especially unsafe sex. Abortion is pretty much like murder. Even if the baby is not “completely formed” they are human beings no matter what. They are breathing just like us, their heart is beating just like ours, what’s the difference?. That body inside the woman isn’t her's to claim, so it’s not her choice to decide to take that life away. There are many options like putting the baby up for adoption or foster care. They’ll at least have a chance to find a family and be loved. There is no reason why the baby should be killed over the mother’s mistakes and choices in life.

Abortion poem

    She makes her way to the hospital getting ready for the operation.The things he put her through messed her up mentally. Being hurt and broken didn’t give her the option to think. She felt so weak. She was upset, heartbroken she was done. She was in the mood for a drink. He took advantage of the love she had for him. He balled it up played with it & when he realized how boring it was he threw it away. She felt like trash, especially after killing an innocent life. She wanted that baby. She wanted a family. She feels depressed because the baby daddy denied the baby now he’s feeling stressed. She keeps trying to convince him to stay but he continued to walk away. If he truly didn’t want to deal with this problem then he should have worn the condom. It’s nobody else’s fault but theirs. All she wanted was to be his wife but he didn’t feel the same, there was no reason to take that life. She had nothing left she felt lonely, she shot herself with one bullet only. Now, two lives were both taken on the same day.

The purpose of this poem is that abortion can not only take one life away, it can take more than that. Some women who go through an abortion go through depression and can lead to suicide.

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