Kevin M. Missouri


Immigration does good things for our economy.

October,27 2016   

Dear Future President,

      I think that the topic of immigration is something that is very important and needs to be resolved. I believe that immigration does do good things for our economy and helps us out as a country.

In the article, "The New York Times; Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S Economy" the text says an illegal immigrant employee of a construction business helps skilled and fully documented carpenters, electricians, and stucco installers do their jobs by caring heavy things and cleaning the work site, so the immigrants are helping do the low class jobs for low income. They are making things much easier because they are paying them less than the Americans would demand to do the same jobs. They also get the labor work done in a very efficient amount of time so that they can produce and sell more while staying ahead of the schedule. For people who have piece work or are on a schedule, Immigration is a great thing because they're fast workers.

Also we need to help teach the kids that are immigrants that can't speak English.  We need more advanced and well trained translating teachers and experts.  Immigration is a good thing for our economy because we could make more money and build more houses to expand and have a more advanced, better built society.