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Illegalize Abortion

Abortion should not be an option for women

Dear Next president,

Abortion should not be allowed. Women should have the baby and if they choose to not want the baby then they can choose adoption. Abortion should not be a choice. Since you choose abortion you're choosing to get rid of a life. Babies are a miracle of life and people should never kill their child. “Why, as a society, do we pick and choose human beings whom we can deliberately kill? These human beings are fully human, entirely innocent, and helpless and voiceless. Yet we purposely target them, setting very few restrictions on their killings” (http://liveactionnews.org/3-legal-reasons-why-abortion-should-be-banned/). The problem today is men and women are having unprotected sex, and, women are getting pregnant and choosing to get rid of their babies just to have more sex. Sometimes young teens cannot take care of their babies so they choose abortion, but they should choose adoption rather than ending a life. If women choose to have unprotected sex and get pregnant they should give birth, and just give the baby up and give it a chance at a better life that you can not give it, rather than just killing a life. “The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution provides that no person should be ‘deprived of life’ without recourse to the due process of the law. At conception a new life comes into being, one with a unique genetic code and the unlimited potential for greatness that is latent in all humans, the development into a baby, then toddler, child, teenager, adult is inevitable”(http://www.listland.com/10-reasons-abortion-should-be-illegal/).I feel that abortion should be illegal so that lives aren’t being ended abruptly . People should not have the right to take away someone’s life that hasn’t even been started yet.



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