Tiffany W. Michigan

We all Deserve Equal Pay

Living in the U.S. and even other places, women often are seen as less than men... This can be reflected in various areas, but one main issue is unequal pay between men and women. This problem has been going on for literally forever, and it must be fixed.

Dear future President,

All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights… Or at least that is the way it is supposed to be. Citizens of America have fought for hundreds of years to gain the rights that shouldn’t even be questionable. The nation has came far, we’ve made a big jump over racial inequality, and made it possible for everyone regardless of gender or race to be able to vote (except those in prison or w/ certain criminal histories). However, there is still room for improvement; an issue that needs to be brought to light is inequality between men and women… particularly in the workplace.

Inequality between genders in the workplace is an ongoing problem. In 2015, women working full time in the U.S. were only paid eighty percent of what men were. The gap in pay has narrowed since the seventies due to growth in education among women, and more workplace participation. Although the issue has seen improvement, it needs to be resolved completely, and the issue is not likely to go away on its own. At the rate we’re at right now, women aren't expected to reach equal pay until the year twenty-fifty-nine.

There is some debate about the pay gap. Some argue that women choose to study less beneficial subjects, therefore entering lower paying professions. Women happen to disproportionately make up some of the lowest paying jobs. But studies show even when women work the same job as men, the pay still is not equal. Jobs dominated by women for some reason arent seem as important, leading to lower pay.

No matter what the exact causes are the issue is affecting women everywhere. Mothers are being paid less than fathers, and also getting maternity leave much shorter than women outside of the U.S. The problem is even being reflected in older women receiving retirement income. Ultimately, all women are effected as soon as they enter the workforce. In order to fix this issue we need your help Mr./Mrs. President. There is only so much us citizens can do. There are various possibilities for solutions. Maybe, raising minimum wage can be a start. We also need rules and regulations to avoid this from happening… laws need to be set! Then maybe, just maybe we will be closer to being born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Thank you,

Tiffany Whittington