Jordan H. Michigan

Police Brutality

Dear Mr./ Mrs. President, The biggest problem in the United States right now is police brutality. I think it is a big problem that we have to fix. I think it was always a problem in our country but we haven't paid serious attention to it until now. I think we need to get stronger requirements on being a police officer in the U.S. I think police officers have to have their master's degree to become an officer. The stronger the requirements on being a police officer the less police brutality will happen. I like that idea because if someone works extremely hard to be a police officer then why would they want to get in trouble and lose everything that they worked so hard for. It needs to be harder for someone to be a police officer. Some of the officers think they are above the law so they can do anything they want without any consequences. I think some police officers are bad and do wrong things because they think they are above the law and some are good. They are some police officers are doing that right thing and I praise them for that. I just know that not all them are doing the right thing for the people. Some of them are just straight bullies and abuse their power. That is how there is police brutality. Police bullying majority black men and having the them nothing wrong. That brings up my next point on getting cameras on the officers so we know they are always doing. Also I like the idea of getting cameras on the polices officers so we can see what they are doing. I think that might be a great idea because then the police officers will always do the right thing when someone is watching them. I think it is very important to put cameras on them. It’s important because if someone was watching you would you do the right thing every time? I know for a fact I would because I don’t want to loose my job or get in trouble with the law. This is why I like what Colin Kaepernick is doing right now. He is kneeling for the american anthem because of police brutality. He also knows how big this problem is in the United States. Colin is doing the right thing and taking a stand against something that he believes should be fixed even though people will hate him for it. I agree with everything he is doing so far. People need to realize this is a big problem in the Unites States and it needs to be fixed. I think we need your help president to make people realize this a problem and needs to be fixed as fast as possible. This problem won't completely eliminate but it will become less and less a problem. From, Jordan Henry

Police Brutality  

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