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Abortion is murder of small children.

Dear Future President,

I'm a 9th grade student in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm writing to you about abortion. Abortion shouldn't be allowed. When a baby is aborted, it's killed before it even gets a chance at a life. Abortion is basically the murder of children. This child could have done great things in it's life but instead it’s allowed to be killed before it even got to see the outside of the womb.

There is a story about abortion on It was about the abortion performed on a 19 year old girl. She didn't want to have her child aborted but her boyfriend wouldn't take care of it because he was too busy with football. When she was at the clinic, the girl asked for a picture of the ultrasound before she got the abortion done. now, whenever she or her boyfriend look at the picture, they both regret getting the abortion done. A lot of the other stories on have women regret aborting in some way. Only a few said that the woman was happy with her choice or didn’t say anything at all about how they felt about it. This means that most people wished that they didn’t do it. If abortion wasn’t allowed, then women wouldn’t be able to make the mistake.

Most times women only abort their child because of social or other reasons. Either they don't want to take care of the child or they can't afford it. But there are better ways to take care of the child than just straight out killing it. They could give it up for adoption or try and get some family members to help take care of the child. There are times when women should get to choose such as rape or health conditions, but only eight percent of women who abort their children fall under this category. that means that 92% of women would rather kill their baby than go through with the birth and just give it to an adoption center. They’re basically killing children because they’re lazy.

According to, each year there are almost 700,000 babies aborted. Since 8% only abort due to health problems or rape, that’s 644,000 children killed because the parent doesn’t want to take care of them. Only 56,000 children are aborted because of health problems. Also, on, studies within the first few weeks after an abortion have found that between 40 and 60 percent of women questioned report a negative impact. Within 8 weeks after their abortion, 44% complained of nervous disorders, 36% had sleep disorders, 11% had been prescribed psychotropic medicine by their doctor. So getting an abortion could have physical effects on a person.

In conclusion, we need to make abortion illegal except for health issues or rape. Any other time that a women would abort is because they don’t want it. They kill a child so they don’t have to deal with raising it. The women should have to give birth to the baby they had. They’re killing it for almost no reason at all, seeing as how instead they can just put it up for adoption. It needs to be stopped.

Sincerely, An Anonymous Student

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