Reese Michigan

No Homework

This letter is about how I think we should not get homework! Homework is less time for children to be children.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Do you agree with no homework? I most definitely do. If you agree with homework, I’m going to tell you why I don’t. First we are in school for 7 Hours, Second, I’m tired in school, when I get home I want to sleep, Homework is less time for me to be me, and If we want to play with a friend or sibling and they have homework, What do we do? I believe in no homework!

First we are in school for 7 hours, I don’t need more school when I get home. I have to wake up at six, go to school, come home, do homework, sleep. Half the time I have no time to go outside especially in the winter or fall when it gets dark quicker. I can’t and don’t want to go outside when it’s dark. I start school at 7 am then end at 3 pm (I get home at 3) than do homework till 5:00. I have better things to do than homework. I could be outside or working out, dancing. I’m very active.

Second, school makes us wake up at 6 so we can learn. We are tired in school. When we get home it’s a magical moment. I can finally sleep- oh wait I have homework. More school?!? I want to lay in my bed loving my life but I have to do math or read. Oh yeah, another thing that kinda annoys me is when a teacher is complaining about having to grade a bunch of homework. If you don't want to grade it don’t give it to us!

According to they say homework is less time for a kid to be a kid and I 100% agree with that. When I get home I have to do homework and I can’t play outside because it’s dark. It’s always dark because most of the time we are in school is winter and the sun sets earlier. And when you're in highschool you don’t play with dolls, blocks, and toy cars anymore. With me I don’t really play with toys anymore and when I get home I do homework and when I’m done it’s too dark to go outside so you watch tv and your parents say you should do something other than electronics, What am I supposed to do? Especially since I’m already done with my chores. I don’t have any toys, What do I do if I can’t go outside?

Finally, If I am done with homework and I can’t be on electronics, Ok, My next resort is a sibling or friend. What if they have homework? I have nothing to do. I hope you agree with me with no homework.