Ethan Michigan

Child Abuse

I am talking about child abuse. Help stop it. Make it so no child is abused ever again.

Dear Next President ,

I would like you to do something about child abuse because  kids are suffering and some are dying. According to the National Statistics on Child Abuse, in 2013, 1,520 kids died from being abused.

One thing that may help stop child abuse is that you could work on giving more support to families. For example, education on parenting classes would help parents control their anger instead of taking all of their anger out on their kids. This will help stop child abuse because parents will be able to use strategies they learn to deal with frustrating behavior in their kids.

Another thing that may help stop child abuse is that food could be provided when needed to people who can’t support their kids. There should be somewhere to go that provides families with food and somewhere kids can grow up like a normal people with clothes, somewhere to live, and transportation to the doctors or school. Parents should have child care, health care, or mental health services for them and their children.



Evart middle school

Evart, MI

Evart Middle School

1st Block

8th Grade LA

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