Alexa Ohio


The government needs to do more to protect the United States from groups such as ISIS.

3rd November 2016

Letter to the Next President

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

The government needs to do more to protect the United States from groups such as ISIS. Our government does not realize how bad this world can come to be if we do not start fighting back. ISIS has killed innocent people, destroyed our buildings, and they use our tools and weapons against us. Special agencies need to keep more of their plans secretive, by not leaking any information that should be kept private. Being the next president, I hope that you can try to resolve these problems, make our country a better place, and protect us from any violent acts.

There has been many times that ISIS has come into our country and killed innocent people. There was recently an attack in Orlando, Florida. Authorities said, “ISIS gunned down 49 people early Sunday morning at a gay nightclub in Orlando” (New York Times). This attack did not only kill 49 people, but 53 were left wounded. How would you feel stepping into a party with friends, planning to have a fun night out, and not making it out alive? The government needs to stop these violent acts once and for all.

The attack on 9/11 is another example of innocent U.S. citizens losing their lives. When Al Qaeda flew the planes into the World Trade Center, thousands of people died. “In total, nearly 3,000 people lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks” (9/11 Attacks). The government could have prevented this from happening if they were to have more security at our airports. Instead, the government let Osama’s people hijack our planes, and use them to crash into the Twin Towers.

Terrorist take our weapons and machinery for granted. Groups like Al Qaeda can easily hijack our planes. “The hijackers seized control of the four planes and directed them back toward New York and the Washington D.C area” (9/11 Attacks). Even though we have more technology in airports now, does not mean that people can’t take over the planes now. We have security at airports so no weapons get on the planes. Terrorist can still get on without a weapon, find a sharp object on the plane and kill, or hold everyone hostage.

Our government needs to do a better job at keeping things private. Hillary Clinton has a website with information that anyone can view, including ISIS. Trump recently quoted during a debate, “ISIS dreams of having her as a president” (Kandor). Trump iis implying that ISIS would vote for Hillary, since she leaks information. I think the government should be more private and not tell their secrets.

I hope you take your time to read this letter, and I hope you will understand. As a future president, I believe that you can impact the American lives by protecting us from the dangerous terrorist groups that are invading our country. Americans are afraid to go to sleep at night, they never know if they will wake up. We have become terrified because we do not trust our government anymore.



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