Morgan C. Ohio

Don´t Kill Patrick Star

Twinkle, twinkle, little star.... Only the ones in the sky of course. Sea stars´ lights are quickly being snuffed out. By what? You might ask. A disease caused by global warming. Polar bears´ habitat loss, global warming. Arctic families´home endangerment, global warming. The lack of safety in America´s future... What do you think? We know the problem, but why is there no solution?

Dear Next President:

Americans. Intelligent, resourceful, compassionate. This is what our nation tries to present itself as, with the endeavors of the president painting a positive image. If this is the image that America wants preserve, however, then why are we letting such a widespread and dynamic issue such as global warming go unsolved? This is something that affects all life, not just the polar bears of the Arctic, not just animals, real human families are currently experiencing the effects of climate change, and pillars of ecosystems are crumbling, bringing other down species with them. This is no minor issue. So I implore the newest president of the United States, whoever you may be, to respond to the plea of many, and to answer the call to fight global warming.

Climate change is a major issue due to the fact that affects animals of all kinds, not just Arctic inhabitants. In fact, as of 2013, a disease has been completely decimating the population of sea stars across the coast of the United states. It is a disease that causes the starfish to develop lesions on their bodies and their limbs to fall off. This disease has actually been caused by global warming. “The truth of the matter is we have absolutely no system in place to respond. None,” Heck, a second-term congressman from Olympia, said in a speech on the House floor. Millions of starfish are dying, and they are major pillars on which the rest of the ecosystem is supported. If they starfish go, animals like whales will be adversely affected. Heck’s bill, called the Marine Disease Emergency Act, would require federal

agencies to create a rapid response plan and free up research money for scientists, though it is uncertain what it might end up costing. To whom it may concern, please put a plan in place to fix this problem or others like it should they appear, animals share this world with us and we should help them take care of it for future generations of all species to enjoy. The environments of the oceans of our world and other ecosystems also have large economic benefits in the form of tourism, and is a pillar that some communities rest on.

The process of global warming has created quite a mess, some spilled milk if you will, and most agree that it is humanity´s job to clean up the effects of our ¨milk.¨ As time goes on giant waves quickly destroy Arctic Ocean ice and ecosystems (This dangerous cycle is illustrated in “Waves of destruction” in the May issue of Scientific American.) This is a cycle that has been caused by global warming. As more ice melts, less is around to prevent large waves, which allows enormous waves to continue to crush the ice. Thus the cycle continues until eventually no ice will be left to protect ecosystems, families living near the ice, and the small amount of ice left. Not to mention that the waves will make transport of goods difficult, if not prohibiting it altogether. If we no longer want these effects, then we must deal with the problem, plain and simple.

There is one other problem caused by the aforementioned cycle that appears to be neglected by most. The fact that it may cause our downfall, via rising sea levels eventually engulfing the continents, not just North America, everywhere. Every non-aquatic animal, family, building, government, gone. Engulfed by an unnaturally large sea. Something that humans have caused, our own downfall. Is this really how America wants to go out?

This can easily be solved, all of these problems, but only if you make a difference. Convert to greener energy production, encourage recycling more than ever, and reduce the prices on electric cars, maybe even eradicate the original ones. It is all just to solve one problem. One act can change it all. It all starts with you.



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