Anna W. Ohio

End Abortions in America

Pro-choice or pro-life? That's the question every pregnant women in america has to decide before making the life changing decision that would change someones world forever. Some people against, yet some people support. Can the next President of the United States do anything to change the mind of mothers?

Dear future President,

There are many problems in the United STates that you have to deal with, Abortions have been a very important issue that mothers around the world have been dealing with for many of years. In 2011, 18% of pregnancies ended in abortion. That is 18% of babies losing their lives

In my opinion, abortion is technicially a choice because no one can force you to get one, but every women has the right to do what is best for the health of themselves and the baby , aswell the future of the child. I believe if the women is old enough, and is stable then she should not have an abortion because the she is ending the life that she created, and that if she doesn’t want it then took at the different options like abortion. This is important to me because everyone has their own opinion, and their own actions, so by knowing the outcomes some actions could cause, I do not support abortions unless it was not their fault. This can affect the world because you can never know, the child could have been the next to find the cure to cancer, or have been the next brain surgeon to heal the lives of thousands.

Secondly, I believe if a mother cant physically and financially support herself then she should not be able to have a child, because if you cannot buy clothing, food, bills, doctors, and all of the possible bills for the child and the mother then abortion . I understand that as the next president you will have plenty of people depending on your decisions, but I believe that unless rape, health issues, abortion shouldnt be an option. This is important to me because it wasnt the childs choice to be born, and it would be your choice as the next president because you would be saving the lives of thousands of children a day. A baby's heartbeat starts developing and beating 18 days after conceiving, Its brain starts dreaming and “thinking” around 32 weeks into the pregnancy. When ending the pregnancy that is ending the heartbeat, and when your heartbeat stops your life ends, which is when you die. You are basically murdering your own child when you are aborting it.

Lastly, According to National Conference of State Legislatures, When a murderer kills a pregnant women and the fetus, it is considered a double homicide. In some states, the law has increased in criminal penalties involving the pregnancies of women. Currently at least 38 states have these fetal homicide laws, and at least 23 of them apply at the earliest stage of the pregnancy. When a person kills a woman and her baby they get charged, but when the woman kills her own baby, why doesn't she?She is killing the living cells that came from one sperm to an egg, creating a living organism that is growing and thriving into a small child, yet she has the right to just end it in a short process called abortion.Abortions in my opinion arent fair to the life of the child.

Finally, As the next president, it is your responsibility to take into consideration everyone's needs and wants, and to come into conclusion into what is best for everyone. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read this.

Sincerely yours,


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