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Abortion Should Be Illegal

Take a stand against abortion.

4th November 2016

Letter to the Next President

Dear President,

People have different opinions about whether abortion should be illegal or not. I think that abortion should be illegal because it is not okay to kill an unborn child. According to, “The debate over whether or not abortion should be a legal option continues to divide Americans long after the US Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision on Roe v. Wade declared the procedure a ‘fundamental right’ on Jan. 22, 1973.” It also states that anyone that is content with choosing abortion as a right that should not be limited by government or religion is considered pro-choice. Those who oppose abortion call themselves “pro-life,” and state that anyone who allows the right to have an abortion “anti-life.” In May of 2014, 46% of the Americans considered themselves pro-life and 47% of them said that they are pro-choice.

“Abortion: An Overview” by Alex K. Rich states that the definition of abortion is “the act of removing a human embryo or fetus from the uterus of a pregnant woman prior to the completion of the full term of pregnancy.” No matter what, the use of abortion is the killing of a human being. Abortion should be illegalized and only be used in certain situations. Abortion should only be legalized in the case of rape. “By 1967, a number of states had modified their laws to allow abortion in cases of substantial risk to a woman’s mental or physical health, cases of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, and cases of a fetus with serious physical defects.”(Encyclopedia of Education) It is not their fault in this case that they are pregnant.

Even though abortion is the removal of an unborn embryo or fetus, it doesn’t mean that the fetus or embryo isn’t alive. According to, “Life begins at conception, so unborn babies are human beings with a right to life.” Abortion should be considered a homicide. If women get pregnant, they should accept the responsibility of having and raising a child. The unborn child should not be punished by a mistake that the adult has made. If the women gets pregnant and either doesn’t want the baby or doesn’t have enough responsibility, she should at least put them up for adoption so they could have a better chance for a better future.

“Abortion takes away from the unborn the unalienable right to life that the Founding Fathers intended for all human beings.”( In the Declaration of Independence, it states that all men are created equal. That right includes all human beings. Unborn babies are human beings and should be treated like them too. Please help stop the killing of these innocent lives.


Natalie C.

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