Jacob C. Michigan

National Security

National Security Dear Future President, 9/11 was the most tragic day in America 2,996 people were killed that day and more than 6,000 were wounded ( "How Many People Died in 9 11." How Many People Died in 9 11. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Nov. 2016). These statistics show how America should come together and build a stronger National Security, so these tragic moments in our life won´t happen anymore. We can improve our National Security by improving or changing our airport security and at borders, we need to make more programs like the Homeland Security program, and get a larger and improved military. If these things happen we can protect ourselves from terrorist attacks. Air safety should have a better type of security. Airports need to have a better security because there are people who are getting on airplanes with weapons even after going through the security checks.¨T.S.A´s struggles to use both its screeners and its technology to find dangerous explosives before they can be brought aboard a plane. I accidently left a letter opener in my baggage that somehow made it through security for weeks at several different airports before a screener finally spotted it¨ (Nixon, Ron. "On the Airport Security Beat." The New York Times. The New York Times, 2016. Web. 03 Nov. 2016). This shows why you need to help our airports become safer and have more than one security check or have one to check you and the other to check with better detail while not invading someone's privacy. This matters to all Americans because everyone wants to be safe in public places. A solution I have for airplanes that have a threat onboard is that there should be a air marshall in each section of the plane, the pilot cabin would be air tight locked, and that the pilots would have control to use knock out gas in the plane to knock out the threat while knocking out the passengers, and land the plane safely and get rid of the threat and take off again. Therefore you should improve air safety to help americans be safer. You should make more programs to help the U.S be protected from outside dangers. If the U.S had more programs it could of helped prevent 9/11. If you made more programs to help the U.S from terrorist attacks it may not happen. ¨National Security agencies conducted quadrennial strategy reviews. In 1996 the U.S congress mandated the conduct by the Defense department of (QDR), Quadrennial Defense Reviews that entails a ¨comprehensive explanation¨ of the U.S defense strategy of the United States and establishing a defense program for the next 20 years¨(National security debate. America, 23 Oct. 2006, p. 5. Student Edition). A (QDR) has been put in place to analyze strategic objectives and potential military threats. This matters to me because this will help prevent attacks on the U.S like 9/11. We need to make a program that will help organizations talk to each other and share information about a certain topic in government, some say that having better communication could have help prevented the 9/11 attacks, that is why a program like that can save lives on a daily basis, and help the United States stay safe from terrorist and outside dangers. More more military is needed for the safety of Americans. Terrorist have threatened the “weak” states, and have tried to take them over and use them as “cover”. “Threats emanating from states that are variously described as weak, fragile, vulnerable, failing, precarious, and fall in crisis or collapsed. These threats included providing safe havens for terrorist, organized crime, and other illicit groups”. Terrorist are threatening “weak” states and trying to take them over ( "Congressional Research Service Reports (CRS) and Issue Briefs." U.S. Department of State. U.S. Department of State, n.d. Web. 03 Nov. 2016). This is important because the U.S is trying to get rid of terrorist before they do more damage. For example like attacking the U.S or the falling states. A good solution to this problem would kind of go with the previously stated fact above, on how we should build a more defensive country if need be, but be prepared for attacks and be able to fight back. If the U.S can do these things we can be a safer country.This is why the U.S needs a bigger and stronger military. 9/11 showed that it was a tragic day for Americans. You can improve our National Security by implamenting better policies like having more security in airports, more programs to keep us safe, and a bigger and better military.