Julian S.

Letters to the Next President

Dear the next president, This country needs a president who can lead America to a better position than it's already in. This means you must posses certain qualities in order to do so. But what are those qualities? They should be charisma, respectfulness, honesty, and leadership. A charismatic person would help to deal with the other problems of the world by communicating with other countries. They must respect those countries to establish good bonds and trust. They must be honest with the people, who make up and decide the ideas of this country. This can lead one to believe that the leadership qualities one must possess are already inside you. It’s those types of qualities that persuade people to follow you to make this country the best that it can possible be. The concerns that I think you should be worried about are financial areas that need improvement, such as an increase in minimum wage job opportunities that limit the income of others. You should also be concerned about terrorism acts that plague our country. Examples like 9/11, The Boston Marathon Bombing, The Centennial Olympic Park attack. These are only three of the many terrorist attacks that affect everywhere in the world. To cope with this requires a chief executive that knows how to handle a situation when it’s needed most. You need to be able to comfort the people in case of any tragedies that could occur. To do all of that seems like an impossible task, but that is what’s required to lead a country so great.