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Terrorists need to be stopped, they can't continue to destroy our country.

8th November 2016

Letter to the Next President

Dear President,

Terrorism is violence, or the threat of violence used to gain a political goal or to strike fear into the people. There are many types of terrorism, some examples are, State-Sponsored terrorism, which consists of terrorist acts on a state by another state. Another type of terrorism is Dissent terrorism which are terrorist groups that have rebelled against their own government.

Whoever gets elected as the next president, I believe that they need to do more to fight terrorism. One way the we can stop terrorism, is by tightening security at airports. Airport security became much tighter after 9/11, but there is still work to be done. Following the events of 9/11, airports made security much tighter by putting a limit on the number and types of items that a passenger can take on-board a plane. Airports also now require passengers to remove their shoes for X-Ray screening. Finally, Airports have tightened security by implementing full-body scanners into security checks. Another way we can fight terrorism is by making the refugee screening process tighter so that no terrorists can sneak in amongst other refugees. A final thing that the United States needs to do to stop terrorism is secure the border better; we cannot just let possible terrorists keep flooding into our country.

Terrorism has been a huge problem in the past because of events like 9/11. Terrorism is an even bigger problem today because it is happening more and more and terrorist groups are even threatening to use nuclear weapons against the United States. Following 9/11, there was new fear as the United States had just discovered mail tainted with anthrax bacteria, an infection that can result in blisters, dark scabs, small bumps, and ulcers, which roused fears of bioterrorism, which can be more effective that bombing.

The United States needs to do more to stop terrorism if it wants to continue being the great nation that it is. We can stop terrorism by having tighter security at airports and other places, making it harder, but still possible for refugees to get into our country, and make the border security even tighter.



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