Cortez L. New Mexico

Gun Control

I think we need to keep our guns for our protection and for our safety because we can't stop everybody from doing bad things and harming innocent people so why not keep.

       Dear future president, I am very concerned about our ability to protect our selfs and our family.  My name is Cortez, I am 16 years old: I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I believe in keeping our second amendment which is the right to bear arms.  Not only is being able to bear arms for protection, but it is also for hunting.  There is a lot of people that love hunting and I am one of them. My family has been hunting for generations now and we all love it.  Hunting is also a way to keep the population of animal species down and control the environment.  

        If we didn't have the right to keeps our guns there would be no hunting or close to none.  For example dear hunting is super popular, if we can't control the population of dear then they will destroy the nature that is around them and we wouldn't have as much wildlife because the forests are destroyed. On another level gun control laws will not stop criminals from obtaining guns or breaking the law.  We need protection against the criminals.  From 1962 to 2012, in 49 of the 62 mass shootings the guns were obtained legally.  We need the be smarter with guns and that means we need to make all gun owners go through a mandatory safety test before buying a new gun or prove that they took the test already.  

       Thank you for your service and for braving this interesting election, good luck to you, and I trust that you will do a great job in office.  


Cortez L.