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Transgender Bathroom Policy

The growing issue about transgender people using the bathroom needs to be resolved soon.

Dear President:

      Imagine what it would be like to not feel comfortable using a public restroom because of your gender. Being thought of differently than others is something many transgender people face. The transgender bathroom policy conflict is a rapidly growing issue that must be resolved soon. There needs to be a set policy throughout the United States that allows transgender people to use the bathroom they identify with, so there is more knowledge on the issue, the discrimination against transgender people will decrease, and more people will be accepting of transgender people in our society.

      Many people do not see the effects that being viewed differently has on transgender people. A positive thing about protecting transgender individuals is that it avoids the feelings of rejection from others and it will avoid further physical actions. There are many websites that educate about this issue, “3 out of 4 transgender youth experience sexual harassment at school… 1 out of 2 transgender people attempt suicide by age 20” (Visually). Without putting things into perspective people can overlook the severity of an issue. These statistics spoke to me the most because they were about the youth. I would never want my peers to side with violence or be directly affected by it. Missing the significance of the transgender bathroom issue separates transgender people from everyone else.

      Also, avoiding rules that prohibit transgender people to use their preferred restroom will decrease discrimination against them. There is conflict between the Justice Department and a bathroom law in North Carolina, “The Justice Department’s civil rights office said the measure is discriminatory and violates civil rights” (Washington Post). In the past there has been discrimination against different races by labeling things such as water fountains or even schools. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch who is against North Carolina’s law, at a meeting, noted, “The Brown v. Board of Education decision. That was the 1954 Supreme Court decision that declared unconstitutional state laws that established separate schools for black and white students” (Washington Post). I also am against North Carolina’s bathroom law because laws respect the citizens and should not create favoritism. Just as hatred of black people has decreased the same is possible for transgender people if a respectful arrangement is made for transgender safe bathrooms.

      Lastly, people that are not open to the idea of gender and sex meaning two different things would rather not have someone of the opposite sex in their bathroom. At Atherton High School in Kentucky, many people agree that, “You go do your business, then you wash your hands, and then you leave… And when people make a big deal about it, it just kind of gets blown out of proportion” (Qureshi, Yasmeen). Many places strive to protect everyone, but when using the restroom no one is in there for an extended amount of time, so by allowing transgender people to have the right to use the space they identify with, they are validated. A teacher at Atherton High School explains that once the issue was addressed people were leaning towards change, “Our school protects all students, and that the issue of gender identity has simply been a demonstration of the school’s commitment to respecting all individuals in our school” (Qureshi, Yasmeen). If there is going to be a law respecting transgender bathroom rights I believe people would begin to become unbiased to transgender people and accept them for who they are. Once society settles on a just bathroom policy the transgender community will be welcomed to a secure restroom environment.

      Allowing transgender people to use the restroom they identify with should be a basic right in the United States. Educating people on the issue is the first step in decreasing the discrimination that exists around being transgender and recognizing them as a part of our nation. This can connect the awareness of the public’s differences to the downturn in violence. We will change this country for the better while maintaining what our founding fathers fought for many years ago.



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