Bryce C. New Mexico

Immigration and Defense

Importance of Immigration and Defense on the border.

Dear Future President,

In America there are around 11 million illegal immigrants. We do deport illegal immigrants back to their home countries, but at a rate that we can never send them all back as more keep traveling over each and every day. People say the migrants support our economy by gaining additional tax revenue and increased money circulation. Although is that enough to not do much about them? With some of them comes other things, like drugs, that are flooding our schools and cities with unwanted marijuana and more. There are even tunnels underground spanning for miles that we have busted for drug trafficking. There could also be other threats from those borders that could result in major damage.

It has been said that ISIS could use the the Mexican cartel to gain access through our New Mexico and Texas borders. This is because so much of or border is not secure, and unwanted people could sneak in. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and this is one of the top targets for most terrorist or enemy countries. This is simply because we have one of the top stockpiles of nuclear weapons in the world. Also, if not as important, we have the Sandia Labs, which are very involved in the research of new and powerful weapons. This is when I wonder whether this city is well protected for all the weapons and research we have here? Will this city be the first to get hit in any war? Although there is Kirtland Air Force Base, the sixth largest Air Force base with around 4,200 active duty and 1,000 guards, but is that enough?

In this letter I hope to have convinced you about how important the borders are, and not only about the drugs and illegal immigrants, but with all the possible effects of having unsecured borders. I also hope to have convinced you that there may be too much within this city to protect that might make it too high value of a target. This could be solved be thinning out the amount of nuclear weapons by spreading them across the U.S.A. For the borders, a wall could work, but may be too easy to traverse for incoming immigrants, rather I suggest more border patrols to keep them secure. I thank you for your service to this country and time on these important matters. I also wish you the best of luck as the new President of the United States of America.


Bryce C.