Abigail R. Illinois

Better Healthcare

Better healthcare should be brought over to more poor countries to help take care of the sick and get the attention they need, whether they can afford it or not.

With the wold population increasing, I think healthcare should be getting better and available to people who can't afford it. I don't think it is fair and or makes sense to have to pay for something everyone needs. I am not saying healthcare should be free, but it should still be an option to provide it to people who can't afford it, especially to more poor countries with disease. 

According to National Health Expenditure Projections in 2015 Americans will spend about 3.2 trillion dollars on health care, and predicted that Americans will spend 4.5 trillion dollars on health care in 2019. With the health care being predicted that it is going up I think funds should be donated to much more poor countries because while us Americans are here having health care, there are other people not receiving it when in some cases they need it more.