Safa K. Illinois

Muslim Rights

Not all Muslims are terrotists. Not all Muslims want to harm others. America needs to change how Muslims are depicted.

Dear President,

I am writing this letter regarding an important issue that seems to be constantly neglected; Muslim rights. Muslims are humans, and they deserve to have the same rights and recognition that any other ethnic group receives. Muslims are usually stereotyped as terrorist and nothing more. America cannot be a united country if there is discrimination among its own people. Do you have any plans to promote Muslim rights? And should America change its perspective on how Muslims are depicted?

You cannot judge a book by its cover. At least that is how the saying goes, right? So why judge a man with a long beard and traditional Muslim clothing as a terrorist? Or why assume a female is a terrorist because of her headscarf? It’s a human's personality that makes him/her scary or atrocious, not how the human is dressed or looks. The Declaration of Independence states, β€œAll men are created equal.” So what difference shall there be in a Christian man or a Muslim man? Or what difference shall there be in a Jewish man or Muslim man?

One of the amendments in the Constitutions deals with freedom of religion. No man or women should feel uncomfortable practicing his/her religion because of someone else's fear. Islamophobia is real. People do not like to be in places where there are Muslims because they are terrified that they might harm them. People should know that not all Muslims are bad. Not all Muslims want to harm. Muslims should have the right to practice their religion freely without having to worry about someone else's feelings.

To conclude, I want America to stop stereotyping all Muslims as terrorists. I hope that your presidency may change the way Muslims are depicted. I hope that you can bring a change in today's society that is greatly needed. The future of America and its citizens relies in your hands. How you would like to bring a change in America is your decision. Just know, that every little decision being made against Muslims has a huge impact on somebody else. Americans should feel safe in America, not scared or terrified on how people will feel if they have a large beard or wear a headscarf.