Ramez Illinois

Message for Mr. or Ms. President

This message is for our new president There is a problem we can solve with our new president.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

Congratulations on becoming our new president! It is a high honor to be our new president. I am sure that the people who picked you believe they made the right choice. They wish that you can make America better. I have some advice. We have a problem that could be solved to help the entire world. So, let us make a plan. I believe the problem is urban encroachment.

How many people live in America? 323,025,335. That number of people make urban encroachment an issue. There are 124.6 million houses in America. That number of homes makes urban encroachment an issue. We cut 50,000-100,000 trees per square km in America, so the math would put this number at 3 to 6 billion trees per year. That is a big problem. We need to solve this problem the sooner the better.

We can make new laws to limit home building and we can designate some areas for houses and other areas for farming. That will help as take care of trees, and we can build big buildings to fit many people. In that way, we can slow urban encroachment down.

We can stop cutting trees down. We can save trees by building big farms or some areas for trees. We can make it illegal to cut trees in farms or some areas and educate people about how trees are important to our lives, so we can make sure that people will take care of trees around the places they live.

We need to stop killing animal habitats. We need to take care of animals because we are killing their habits, such as forests, and making animals extinct. So we need to stop killing animal habitats. We can build some areas for animals, so they can live there. We make a new law that says we cant kill any animals in these areas.

And, finally, we can send a message to people to take care of trees and animals, to live in large buildings and to advise them as to why we should take care of animals, trees and live in certain areas.