Kley K. Illinois

Gun violence

I will talk about gun violence.

Dear Future President

Did you know 106,674 people get hurt or die from gun violence a year.Most of the people had a criminal record or something related to that,we need to check or do more background checks because most of deaths or injuries could of been avoided. We need more strict background checks on people.If we get more strict background checks it will be harder for a person to buy a gun.

The number of people that die from gun violence a year is terrible.When someone buy a gun the gun shop clerk or owner calls the FBI and has them do a background check on the people who are trying to buy a gun.But they should also look into where he grew up, did he grow up in a bad neighborhood or household because because most people that grow up in that environment end of getting in trouble by the police because as they were growing up they saw that happen and they thought it was okay to do that and end up getting arrested for doing something they thought was okay like robbing stealing Etc.

In the state of texas, you can buy military grade weapons and armor that you should not have like Green tips,(Armor piercing bullet That shoots out of a AR15) Barret 50 Cal,Ak47’s. Those weapons should not be allowed for civilian use because they could do a lot of damage to something that gets in the way of that bullet. For someone to have that guns.

Gurrie Middle School

3-4 LaBud ELA

3-4 LaBud ELA

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